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Everything DiSC® Management team training uses an online assessment, engaging and certified facilitation with contemporary video, and follow-up to create a personalized learning experience that improves management skills and flexibility. Using a research validated learning model, participants learn about their strengths and challenges as managers and how to adapt to meet the needs of the people they manage by understanding the styles of the people they manage and adapting their styles to manage more effectively as managers.


Modules 1 and 2: Introduction to Your Management Style - Explores how DiSC® preferences and priorities influence management style—including decision making and problem solving—and how to identify others’ DiSC styles using behavioral cues.

Module 3: Directing and Delegating - Large and small group activities, along with video and worksheets, help participants identify their strengths and challenges when directing and delegating, learn to use people-reading techniques to determine the DiSC styles of those they manage, and craft action plans for adapting their behavior to more effectively manage people with various styles.

Module 4: Creating a Motivating Environment - Participants discover how DiSC styles influence how people are motivated and develop fresh insight into what it takes to create an environment where it’s easy for people to find their own natural motivation.

Module 5: Developing Others - Focuses on the often overlooked—but essential—role of managers: supporting the long-term professional growth and development of employees by providing resources and opportunities that capitalize on each individual’s potential.

Module 6: Strategies For Working With Your Manager - Identifies successful approaches to managing up—as a direct report, working effectively with different DiSC style managers, to advocate and get buy-in, influence and communicate, and navigate through conflict.


Bring Out The Best In Each Employee

Skilled managers learn to build effective and solid, one-to-one relationships in the Everything DiSC® Management team training half-day class. This course offers a talent development solution proven to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a management role–whether managing direct reports, or the relationship with their own manager or part of a management team.

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This confirmation deposit of 50% holds the scheduled training date as agreed in the proposal. The balance of the fee should be payable to Leadership Alive, Inc. upon completion of the training experience.