5cIHG StrengthsFinder Team Training Fee (Final Invoice)


This Strengths-­Based Team-­Building and training aids participants in personal growth, professional development, enhanced interpersonal skills, effective communication strategies, as well as provides each participant with a deeper understanding of how to apply, and integrate their strengths into their respective roles. This increases job performance, strengthens work-team relationships, and over all, improves business outcomes. Plus, it’s fun.

This StrengthsFinder® Training Experience Team training session would consist of a professionally prepared, dynamically delivered half-day training experience that will be focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your team. Participants would be emailed out an access code to take the StrengthsFinder assessment a few weeks before the training. A free e-book is included.

1.    Gain greater self-­awareness and team alignment.
2.    Increase engagement and business productivity
3.    Learn techniques to increase effective interpersonal communication
4.    Gain techniques to address team challenges  
5.    Understand the value of a team strengths grid
6.    Transform relationships in the workplace
7.    Increase individual and team performance and effectiveness
8.    Use strengths to improve results and reach goals


This StrengthsFinder ­team training experience includes nine service elements:

1.    Pre-meeting phone consultation
2.    Team building threaded into all training sessions
3.    Gallup-certified facilitation
4.    Custom curriculum design to meet your needs
5.    Individual StrengthsFinder assessment key codes provided
6.    Team mapping of company Strengths
7.    Online administration of Strengths assessment
8.    Supplemental materials provided for each participant
9.    Follow-up one-on-one coaching per manager

Thank you!