(Audio Book 5 CDs) Leadership Alive: Changing Leadership Practices in the Emerging 21st Century Culture.


Audio Book Description:

We are now living in the most demanding and perplexing  times that leaders have ever faced. Because contemporary culture is changing, new practices are needed to better inspire, educate, and train emerging leaders of the 21st century. Many leaders need direction as to which core leadership competencies are central to their development and effectiveness in our changing global world. This presentation identifies the leadership attributes that effective leaders employ and explores which of those competencies are catalytic in the formation and development of "a new kind of leader for a new kind of world." This one-of-a-kind book on leadership and emerging culture was grounded upon research interviews with 20 national and international leaders from the East Coast to the Pacific Rim. (Audio Book - 5 CD set).

Audio Book Takeaways:
• Discover the "catalytic" qualities of effective leaders.
• Learn best practices based on 20 national experts.
• Discover how culture has changed leadership training.
• Increase effectiveness with Gen Z, Y, X teams.

Audio Product Details:
(Audio Book - 5 CD set  - $24.95)
Copyright 2010 - Professionally recorded unabridged


"Does your leadership team need energetic inspiration to revitalize your organization? Dr. Chris Meade's presentations are not to be missed! Chris' enthusiasm and expertise in leadership application can propel your team to new heights. His presentations will capture the attention of any work group. I attribute much of my leadership exploration and development to his thought provoking books. The opportunity to be part of Chris' audience is one I hope for your organization." Caroline Keegan, Business Manager

"Chris’ collaborative approach to leadership development is based on the tenants of trust, respect and ethics. For these reasons alone, Chris is an asset to any organization that he contributes to. I wish everyone could enjoy Chris’ humble, inspirational, and indispensable insight on today’s approach to developing leadership in the workplace and within our communities." Alex Domingo, Sr. Marketing & Business Development Professional