Everything DiSC® Client Certification (In-Person) without Kit


Everything DiSC® Client Certification (In-Person) without Kit

Deepen the expertise of your internal team in Everything DiSC® with this intensive, in-person course, held on location in Minneapolis, MN. Two full days of facilitated learning help participants earn the credentials needed to bring Everything DiSC into your organization.


Blending group learning with collaborative activities, the Everything DiSC® Certification course will arm you with the knowledge and content expertise you need to confidently help others get the most out of any one of the many Everything DiSC programs: Workplace, Management, Sales, Work of Leaders, and 363 for Leaders. Onsite in Minneapolis, MN, this powerful two-day facilitated experience will immerse participants in the Everything DiSC model and the very latest DiSC® research and theory, providing  plenty of small- and large-group sessions, hands-on activities, and tools for personal reflection to promote learning and retention.  

Learner Take-Aways 

  • Deepen their expertise about the theory and research behind Everything DiSC, including how to use the research to address common questions others may have 
  • Experience first-hand the Everything DiSC assessment and apply the personalized profile results to real-world scenarios
  • Develop expertise working with a variety of Everything DiSC facilitation toolkits, including Workplace, Management, Sales, Work of Leaders, and the Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders  assessment tools
  • Upon successful completion of the course, receive the credential of Certified Everything DiSC® Trainer

Program Components

  • Two days of live facilitated learning
  • Completion and analysis of a personalized Everything DiSC profile
  • Review of supplemental materials: Comparison Report, Supplement for Facilitators Report, Facilitator Report, Group Culture Report, and Team View Report
  • Participant’s choice of one Everything DiSC facilitation toolkit
  • Final Certification exam  (graded activity)

Everything DiSC Certification In-Person Course



Without Everything DiSC Kit


With Everything DiSC Kit





Your clients will need to register for the course through you, their Authorized Partner. To be eligible for this certification, each participant must own at least one of the following

Everything DiSC facilitation kits

  • Everything DiSC Workplace®
  • Everything DiSC Management
  • Everything DiSC Sales
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

Additionally, there will be required prework assigned three weeks prior to the course.

The prework includes

  • Orientation for Everything DiSC® Certification Prework
  • The Everything DiSC® Assessments (Workplace, Sales, Management, Work of Leaders)
  • About You!
  • The Everything DiSC® Model: Basic Characteristics
  • Cornerstone Principles of Everything DiSC
  • Others' Motivators and Stressors
  • What Motivates Others?
  • What Do Others Find Stressful?
  • Common Misuses of DiSC Language
  • The Value of DiSC Card Sort
  • Ah-Ha! Moments—Discovering DiSC®
  • Research Scavenger Hunt