Financially Alive: Wealth Creation. Social Responsibility. Timeless Values.


Book Description:

Is it possible to not just survive but actually thrive in this new economy? Dr. Chris Meade is convinced we can. Financially Alive is a model for creating wealth in several areas of our lives AND it’s about being socially responsive with our influence to help meet the needs of others through generosity and justice. Creating wealth begins first by creating value. The wrong question to ask is “How much money can I make?” The right question is “How much value can I add?” Money often follows added value. This book unpacks the unique perspectives, attitudes, and characteristics that add value in relationships, work, and life. And with added value, financial increase often follows. This insightful and inspirational book is a mix of ancient wisdom literature, modern MBA business thinking, and 21st century success principles. This book is more than just about making money; it's about how to make a life.

Book Takeaways:
• Discover timeless principles that foster success.
• Learn how to enrich your life and your bank account.
• Understand how indirect skills affect direct outcomes.

Product Details:
Paperback 300 pages ($19.95)
Copyright 2012


"Chris Meade’s Financially Alive seminar is both insightful and critical to personal and professional development. The depth of content that is focused on and the energy he brings to his subject matter is unparalleled. This inspiration and connectedness is what the business world needs to understand the new evolution in business and the true meaning of ethical capitalism. As Dr. Meade states, 'It is more than just how to make a living; it’s about how to make a life.'" Aaron Howard, Business Leader

"Financially Alive is able to bridge the gap between wealth and spirituality; a subject sorely needed of understanding in our current time. Chris' ability to present this information in an inspiring and engaging way will linger in your thoughts for many days. Chris’ ability to inspire others through his dynamic and awe inducing presentation style will leave you thirsty for both more information and a deeper understanding of some of the most important aspects of our lives." Abel Morel, MBA graduate